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Sponsorship opportunities

MIT NEWDIGS invites global biomedical innovators to co-sponsor the 2017 Next Wave Forum. This gathering will include over 200 executives and thought leaders from all stakeholder groups (payers, providers, patient advocates, regulators, academia and biotech/pharmaceuticals), who, together, will work to map strategies for the next generation of platform clinical trials and end to end learning ecosystems.

Sponsors will have:

  • Access to decisionmakers in industry, healthcare, and public policy
  • Visibility as an innovation leader
  • Influence on the dialogue about emerging adaptive biomedical innovation systems

To inquire about the standard sponsorship levels below, or to custom-tailor your own sponsorship, please write to us.

Levels and benefits

Sector Leader

At the premier sponsor level of $20k, Sector Leaders will be named for key areas, such as Biopharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Data Systems, Data Analytics, and Integrated Applications.

  • 3 complimentary admissions
  • VIP dinner
  • Materials in conference kit
  • Media inclusion
  • Conference branding
  • Full page program placement
  • Forum Sponsor
Forum Sponsor

Leaders in biomedical innovation will be named Forum Sponsors at the $15k level, and receive heightened visibility across forum touchpoints.

  • 2 complimentary admissions
  • Media inclusion
  • Conference branding
  • Half page program placement
Commons Host

Participating organizations may host/co-host forum networking events, priced between $4k-$10k based on the type of event, to include coffee breaks, roundtable lunches, an evening reception, and the Student Poster Exhibition.

  • 1 complimentary admission
  • Event and website branding
  • Quarter page program placement


MIT NEW Drug Development ParadIGmS (NEWDIGS) is a “think and do tank” committed to accelerating the evolution of patient-centered drug development in ways that work for all stakeholders.

Championing Adaptive Biomedical Innovation

Challenges covered daily in the business, academic, and popular media – the worsening healthcare crisis, the exciting advances in biomedical science, and the growing power of computing to solve complex problems – are but the tips of a massive iceberg.

Meaningful and sustainable improvement in the global health system will require that stakeholders work together in fundamentally new ways, across traditional siloes, toward the shared goals of cures, prevention, and health. NEWDIGS is dedicated to helping us meet these challenges.

NEWDIGS provides a pre-competitive “laboratory” for multi-stakeholder change agents to advance beyond discussions and white papers into hands-on collaborative systems re-engineering. Together, with our mutually-expanded perspectives, we evolve more efficient, coordinated, and effective practices, in a new paradigm we call Adaptive Biomedical Innovation.

Who’s involved in NEWDIGS (partial)

Select publications

Hirsch G, Trusheim M, Cobbs E, Bala M, et al. Adaptive Biomedical Innovation: Evolving Our Global System to Sustainably and Safely Bring New Medicines to Patients in Need. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, special issue on Adaptive Biomedical Innovation, published 14 November 2016 DOI:10.1002

Trusheim M, Shrier A, Antonijevic Z, Beckman R, et al. PIPELINEs: Creating Comparable Clinical Knowledge Efficiently by Linking Trial Platforms. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, special issue on Adaptive Biomedical Innovation, published 14 November 2016 DOI:10.1002

Eichler H-G, Baird LG, Barker R, et al. From Adaptive Licensing to Adaptive Pathways: Delivering a Flexible Life-Span Approach to Bring New Drugs to Patients. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, published 4 February 2015. doi:10.1002/cpt.59